Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 99 - I just can't get it together

My stats
Day 17 R2
170.4 lbs
R2: -9.6
Total: - 38.6 lbs

Well ain't that great. Jon eats cake and he looses .8 lbs....again! I eat cake and only make it back to where I was before I ate the first cake. I can't blame it all on him. It was my choice to eat it. But it feels good to have a scapegoat. lol!

Jon didn't want to eat anything today to make up for the cake. He skipped lunch. I had a piece of steak and melba rounds. He had chicken fajitas for dinner and I had oj and melba. Then I screwed up again. Sheesh. Then I was putting up left over corndogs and had a bite. THEN the kids were out of cereal so I had to make them more. I'm still working out the recipe so I HAD to try it! The good news is....I think I finally have the base recipe perfected, but there are so many experiments awaiting me!

Jon's Stats
234 lbs
-13.2 lbs

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