Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 103 - Jon's apple day 2

My Stats
Day 21 R2
169.6 lbs
R2: 10.4 lbs
Total: -39.4 lbs

I hate that I was perfect and didn't loose anything. I'm ok though because I know why. The dreaded TOM is upon me. Jon on the other hand gained .2 lbs. He has been perfect so I don't know why he did. He was so mad he was throwing things. You know, not at me or anyone, just putting them down a little harder than usual. He was cursing the diet too. He is under a lot of stress right now. If you haven't been watching the news, you don't know that Oklahoma had the largest hail storm in recorded history and it hit the most populated areas. Jon is an insurance adjuster. He's already worked 20 hours overtime and he is approved for 16 hours this weekend. I keep asking him if he just wants to postpone the diet until things settle down, but he says it's easy because he's so busy he doesn't have time to think about food.

So he had an apple day today because of his gain. I had lemon chicken and broccoli for lunch and OJ with melba for dinner.

Jon's Stats
232.6 lbs
-14.6 lbs

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