Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 100 - Finally, a pretty good day

My Stats
Day 18 R2
170.4 lbs
R2: -9.6 lbs
Total: -38.6 lbs

I'm disgusted with myself. I have absolutely no will power and it shows. I haven't lost anything. As a matter of fact, I haven't lost anything since Friday. Jon lost .8 pounds again. Curious...since his apple day, he has lost exactly .8 pounds every single day. That's so funny.

I was pretty good today. I only had a pinch of cheese when I made the kids grilled cheese sandwiches. I had tomato basil soup for lunch and my oj and melba for dinner. Today I felt like I could have eaten nothing though. The only reason I ate was because if I didn't eat something I was allowed to, I would eat something I wasn't. Jon had stead and tomato basil soup for dinner. Neither one of us ate much at all yesterday. Should be a big payoff tomorrow!

Jon's Stats
233.2 lbs
-14 lbs

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