Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 105 - Unexpected results

My Stats
Day 23 R2
168.8 lbs
R2:- 11.2 lbs
Total: -40.2 lbs

Hmmmm......ok. Well, it's VERY disappointing that Jon didn't loose anything. My best friend brought up a very good point though. He is under severe stress right now. He has been for over a week. He hasn't lost much for over a week. She said, that "Biggest Loser" said, stress can cause your body chemistry to override any diet or exercise you are doing. I'm starting to believe that with him. You couldn't ask anyone to be more perfect on this diet then him and he is still not loosing weight. I, on the other hand, handle stress differently. Without going into ALL the details of yesterday, suffice it to say, I needed comfort food. I wound up eating a quesadilla. I still lost .2 lbs. Don't even try to figure it out. It will drive you crazy. He's perfect and doesn't loose....I cheat and loose. We struggled this morning trying to decide whether to continue. I needed to mix more HCG if we were going to continue. I'm tired of it, he's not loosing and his stress level isn't going to be decreasing if that's the problem. We finally decided to suck it up and go for it. I told him to just stop being stressed.

When Jon was loosing, he was snacking on an apple and melba toast at work and only eating a big dinner. He decided to do that today. He ate chicken fajitas for dinner with OJ and more melba. I did what I always do, because that seems to work for me. I had lemon chicken and broccoli for lunch and OJ with melba for dinner. We also cheated last night. I made the kids a new cereal with fruit. It's supposed to simulate fruit loops. We both tried one of each flavor. We liked it! We can't wait to try a bowl with milk in a month or so!

Jon's Stats
231.0 lbs
-16.2 lbs

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