Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 91 - Bye, Bye, Boobies and Eating out

My Stats
Day 9 R2
175.2 lbs
R2:- 4.8 lbs
TL: -33.8 lbs

Well, I gained another .2 lbs. Jon stayed the same. We're both frustrated only because we are not cheating AT ALL. It's discouraging when you say no to so much and don't get any results. I know my issues, which are two fold. First I'm fertile. I retain water when I'm fertile and as last time I was on HCG I gain and loose very little during this time. My second issue is, since the last time I mentioned my bowls there has been no activity. That was 5 days ago, and as previously discussed....poo weighs a LOT. Knowing this helps me keep a brave face for Jon. He is really discouraged. But I keep encouraging him that it's ok, he'll loose again tomorrow. To help ease his frustration I agreed to go out to eat yesterday, a brave venture considering our current situation. I was willing to take the blow if it would take the edge off for Jon.

We had left church when we decided to eat out. Being Mother's day we didn't want to eat right away because of the waits at restaurants so I popped into Wal-Mart and bought a bag of apples, a box of melba, and a 12 oz bottle of OJ. Jon and the kids had apples and I ate my melba and OJ. Then we went to the mall for my mother's day present. I desperately need new bras, not because they are falling apart, but because they don't fit me anymore. My boobs are literally falling out! I got professionally measured and fitted. Sigh, oh sigh. I've gone down a cup size. On the bright side, I can now wear a push up bra....OOOH MAMA!

After our foray at the mall we headed to Texas Roadhouse and waited for 45 minutes even at 3 o'clock. Jon and I shared a 6 oz sirloin with no butter. My side was tomatoes and his was broccoli. I think he had two peanuts while we waited but we both turned down the rolls. I smelled them very deeply though! Jon kind of splurged and ate all his broccoli which was probably about 2 oz too much. I ate all my tomato which was probably just a little more than normal. Later in the evening I just wanted to EAT, so I had a couple more melba. I did start peeing copious amounts during the evening. I think I'm releasing some of that retained water. Yeah!

Jon's Stats
240.4 lbs
-6.8 lbs

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