Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 97 - Tough Day

My Stats
Day 15 R2
170.4 lbs
R2:- 9.6 lbs
Total: -38.6 lbs

Even with the bite of corn dog I lost .8 pounds. Jon lost exactly a pound. Yeah!

Today was tough. This diet becomes very hard when you are on the go. We woke up late and then had an early lunch of beef broccoli. We went to a birthday party for triplets and all was well until I spied the cheese. I ate a slice. Then all was fine until they cut the cake. I had a bite. Then all was fine until Caedon wanted one more bit of cake. He left some on the fork so I finished it. The all was fine until we visited Jon's Dad and they were cooking beef ribs when we got their. They invited us to eat. It wasn't tempting for me but Jon caved. We both ate a tomato and about 3 oz of beef ribs. I'm not expecting cheers of joy in the morning.

Jon's Stats
235.6 lbs
-11.6 lbs

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