Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 111 - MMMMMM...Buffalo....

My Stats
Day 29 R2
165.4 lbs
R2: -14.6 lbs
Total: -43.6 lbs

We had the most awesome day today.  Not only did Jon loose 2 lbs, and I lost .8 lbs, but we had no kids and we have all weekend to celebrate a wonderfully fulfilling 12 years of marriage.  We started the day off by going to the farmer's market where we were abruptly called back to the house to meet with the insurance adjuster.  The we headed back and found some great sources for organic produce, honey, and meat along with many other interesting crafts and products that were all naturally made.  While we were there we bought a small head of cauliflower and since I'd never had Buffalo before, Jon talked me into splurging for our anniversary and getting some sirloin fillets.  We dropped them off at home and then headed out for some shopping.  Old Navy had an amazing sale and Jon bought 3 new pairs of pants and a new shirt for work.  It only cost us $30!!!   He was giggling the whole time because he bought a 40 waist and he realized he had lost 4 pant sizes!  Then I talked him into trying an XL shirt instead of an XXL.  WOW!!!!  It fit and he couldn't believe it.  Then we went to Ross.  It was my turn!  I bought two new size L shirts and a pair of size 12 shorts.  I'm DEFINITELY a size 12 now, they weren't even tight!  The fit perfectly and they are sooooo cute!  They look like pinstripe dress pants but they're shorts.  Anyway, Jon also found a shirt and some flip flops.  That cost us $70.  So for $100, which is what we said we would spend, we both are set until our next round.  Except I still need another bra and another pair of shorts, but that won't be too much.  We headed back to the house and Jon cooked our Buffalo Steak on the grill.  I put the cauliflower in the oven with some garlic, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and some freshly clipped chives from my garden!  We had a romantic dinner in front of a movie.  Buffalo is pretty good.  I honestly can't tell the difference between it and beef, but I can tell the difference between the bland stuff I buy at the store and the succulent juiciness of the superior grass fed cuts we purchased from the market.  I'm not sure why we ever bought the other stuff....oh yeah....convenience and money.  I also tried a new recipe for apple cookies.  They weren't that good so I'll skip the details.  Tomorrow should be another awesome day! 

Jon's Stats
225 lbs
-22.2 lbs

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