Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 130 - Little chocolate donuts, Steak Days, and the Biblical Flood

Day 11 Maintenance
Emily: 164.0 lbs, 1 lb over goal
Jon: 219.8 lbs, .2 lbs under goal

Both of us have maintained our weights!  Yeah!  although we have both had steak days.  Jon lost almost 4 lbs on his steak  I lost almost two on mine and I cheated like crazy on that day I was so hungry.  I but I cheated on only good food....except for the mini 3 musketeers....and the baskin robins hard candy.  I obviously don't do well with temptation.  I'm not at home so it messes with me having all the goodies around.

A question has plagued me though.  Is there a time in ones life in which eating a little chocolate donut is acceptable?  I've determined the answer as I see it as, yes.  I think when you get up three hours earlier than usual, pack your van, and leave your house with three kids at 7 am to travel from Oklahoma city to Dallas, get one mile from your house and traffic stops and you sit there for 3 hours because there is no exit and your not moving, and the kids haven't eaten yet and are going stir crazy and the rain is pouring down, that's a start.  When you have finally crept forward enough that you can see the emergency vehicle lights are actually blocking the next exit and behind the emergency vehicle the exit is under water, and then the emergency vehicle is slowly creeping backwards toward you and you realize that it is because the water is also creeping toward you, and when people like refugees began walking down the freeway abandoning their flooded cars covering their head with whatever box or bag they had in their cars to protect them from the rain, and the cop car is now only about 8 feet in front of you with the water cresting it's tires so you decide it's time to go....somehow....and do a three point turn and begin driving the wrong way down the freeway, the stress MIGHT just call for a bite.  When after the three hour drama and you still have a 4 hour drive to go and you never left your neighborhood and you pull into your driveway to see water cascading from your garage and run inside to see that a river is pouring from the back of said garage down through the front of the garage door and the only boxes in the garage left unpacked but in the torrents flow are your books and photo albums and you spend your morning, or rather what's left of it, and part of the afternoon dragging water logged boxes in and covering your living room floor, dining room floor, and any other dry surface with wet books and pictures, to discover that your favorite wedding picture is one of the only things not salvageable, THEN it's ok to eat a little chocolate donut.  But only one. 

We're fine.  We lost very little and my mom has a copy of the wedding picture I love.  AND we finally got to unpacking those boxes.

P.S.  That was not the day that caused the steak day.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 120 - PICTURES!!!

Day 1 maintenance

OK, it wasn't too bad.  We both gained a pound, but well within our goal weights.  Nothing can stop us today anyway.  We've posted our before and after pictures.  Just click on the links above.  It's amazing to me the change in my body this round.  Although I only lost 17 lbs, the change is even more pronounced than the change from the first round.  Round 1...I just shrank.  Round 2.....NEW ME!!!  Check 'em out.  They speak for themselves.

Day 119 -

My Stats
Day 37 R2
162.6 lbs
R2:-17.4 lbs
Total: -46.4 lbs

Yeah!  I was perfect yesterday and I lost .4 lbs.  Jon only lost .2, but he is so happy to be in the teens he didn't really care.  We were both very cranky today.  We were hungry and needed FOOD!!!  If your marriage can survive dual HCG withdrawal, it can survive anything!

Jon had fish and broccoli for lunch.  I had grilled chicken, melba and OJ.  THEN I got hungry and came back and ate a couple of pizza bites the kids had left over. THEN Jon started moaning about being hungry.  THEN I ate more pizza bites because I was still hungry and Jon started feeling weak and light headed.  We made a decision.  We needed more food!  We made our breakfast scramble.  Eggs, sausage, mushrooms, and onions.  The kids had it in tortillas.  We had it in a bowl with cheese and washed it down with milk.  It was exhilarating!!!  Oh food!  Where have you been?!  We were both delightfully happy and content for the rest of the evening.  I tried not to think of how bad it would be in the morning.  Hopefully the HCG is out of our system enough for it not to be too bad.

Jon's Stats
219.0 lbs
-28.2 lbs

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 118 - Leisurely Day

My Stats
Day 36 R2
163.0 lbs
R2: -17 lbs
Total: -46.0 lbs

Well, I gained .2.  Guess I need to go induce a .4 loss :).  Jon lost .8 and is ecstatic.  He made it to the teens!!!  We went to the zoo today for a couple hours and then came home and played in the back yard all day.  It was a pretty leisurely day.

We had the last of our good melba at the zoo and I had the last of the crab bisque for lunch.  Jon had chicken fajitas.  I had nasty melba and OJ for dinner.  Jon made some broccoli.  We both REALLY wanted to cheat.  We can definitely feel the effects of the HCG leaving us.  Tomorrow is going to suck big time.

Jon's Stats
219.2 lbs
-28 lbs

Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 117 - 3 embarrassing facts about loosing weight

My Stats
Day 35 R2
162.8 lbs
R2:-17.2 lbs
Total: -46.2 lbs

I lost .6 lbs, and Jon lost .8 lbs.  Our bodies are so different!  In fact, my body has changed so much there are some embarrassing little things that I'm having to do.  First, I've had to start cleaning my belly button.  That's right, I hardly ever had to clean it before because it was so ......well....shallow.  How gross is that?  Second, I'm having to learn to sit down on the toilet differently.  I've really been hurting my self!  For the past few weeks...and it's getting worse.....I would sit down and hit my tail bone.  Apparently It's been very cushioned and now there is no cushion.  How embarrassing would it be to have to go to the doctor because you've injured your tail bone sitting on the toilet wrong!  LOL!  Ok, this last embarrassing fact is not so much embarrassing in itself, but embarrassing because I know.  Next time you need to loose a quick .4 lbs, go grab your spouse.  That's right.  You get it.  A little romp between the sheets will knock of exactly .4 lbs on the dot, every time.  EVERY TIME.  ;)

I didn't eat lunch today.  I spent all morning mowing, weed eating, and cleaning my garden.  When I got inside I was about to faint.  I grabbed a glass of OJ and didn't even measure it!  I drank a lot of water too.  Jon snacked on melba I think.  We had beef broccoli for dinner and I cheated a LOT.  I ate a whole taquito, and then several spoonfuls of Mac n cheese.  Jon ate Mac n cheese too.  I don't know, but I think tomorrow is going to be even more difficult.  I'm already feeling hungry!
Jon's Stats
220.0 lbs
-27.2 lbs

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 116 - YES! I'm finally Overweight!!!

My Stats
Day 34 R2
163.4 lbs
R2: - 16.6 lbs
Total: -45.6 lbs

Today is a momentous day in my weight loss history!  I've crossed the line.  You know, that invisible, yet all so real line between being overweight and obesity.  Today, I am officially overweight.  I still remember the first time I looked at a chart and realized I was categorized as obese.  The word felt disgusting on my tongue.  I had to do something right then and there to purify myself.  I tried.  Nothing worked until now.  For the first time in 10 years, I'm not obese.  I'm just overweight.  Who ever thought someone would be so happy to be overweight?

Today is also our last shot.  I know we have 6 days left, but we decided to stop here because if I mixed another vial we would be wasting half of it.  We can not go any longer than the 40 days due to all the summer stuff coming up so we opted to save the HCG for our next round in July.  Here come the hardest 3 days of the diet as far as I'm concerned.  All the promise of great food (ie cheese) just around the corner and no liquid will power (HCG) to back me up.  We'll do our best though, and we already have our first meal planned.  Bacon, eggs fried in bacon grease, topped with cheese and sauteed veggies.  Mmmmmmm....cheese......

I had the last of the "pulled pork sandwiches" for lunch and Jon snacked on apples and melba.  For dinner, Jon had steak and broccoli.  I ate mela and OJ.  We both skipped the cake at our friends house!  Yeah us!!
Jon's Stats
220.8 lbs
-26.4 lbs

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 113 - Long day....short post

My Stats
Day 31 R2
164.4 lbs
R2: -15.6 lbs
Total: -44.6 lbs sister went into labor, I drove to Dallas, missed the birth by 5 minutes and almost got thrown out of the hospital because they tried to tell me I couldn't do what I wanted to.  DON"T mess with a woman who has lost 44.6 lbs.  You can't stop her! 

Stayed up all night with sister and baby.  Ate buffalo steak and tomatoes for lunch with Jon, had melba and OJ in the evening and cheated by taking a bite of a hamburger and some french fries.  I don't know what Jon did.  I haven't pooped in a week and I'm miserable in that aspect.  Otherwise....what an awesome day.  Welcome baby Eli!

Jon's Stats
224.4 lbs