Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 95 - They circle of life

My Stats
Day 13 R2
172.4 lbs
R2: -7.6 lbs
Total: -36.6 lbs

Yeah! Hopefully Jon's plateau is broken. He lost 2.4 pounds but we'll see if he's good to go tomorrow! I lost .8 pounds. Not shabby.

Today was one of those days. You know a - nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I guess I'll go and eat worms - day. It's the circle of life. You go and go and do and do and when a hurt or a frustration comes along you either ignore it or stuff it because you don't have time OR energy to deal with it. But then the proverbial last straw floats innocently on to the pile. Then along with the back the dam breaks letting out all those problems, misconceptions, and pain in the form of tears and snot. Once the reservoirs of sorrow are depleted you feel just fine and your ready to take on the world again except for one thing. All the broken places have to be fixed and the only way to do that is….. chocolate and ice-cream.....or chocolate ice-cream. Then the cycle is complete. Plaster those cracks with Blue Bell and slap on a new coat of Hershey’s and all is right again. The problem is....I can't complete the cycle! I bought the kids hot fudge sundaes. I was amazed at how INEFFECTUAL that was. We had beef fajitas for lunch and I had melba. Jon had shrimp and salad for dinner and I had OJ and melba. I made the kids spaghetti and that's when enough was enough. I guess my southern engineered spaghetti patch will have to do for a few more weeks until the cycle can be completed properly. I think it will hold for a while anyway.

Jon's Stats
237.4 lbs
-9.8 lbs

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