Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 108 - Don't eat the FISH!

My Stats
Day 26 R2
167.0 lbs
R2: -13.0 lbs
Total: -42.0 lbs

Jon's disappointed again. He ONLY lost .4 lbs. I also lost .4 lbs and I'm thrilled! Not only am I loosing on my period (which did NOT happen last time), but I didn't even wake up hungry this morning. To my surprise, I wasn't hungry all day AND I'm having my shortest period on record. I believe I'll be able to take the shot tomorrow. On a normal period, it would still be dragging out for a couple more days. It makes me wonder if loosing this weight is going to help with my periods. I've already become more regular since loosing the first 30 lbs. Now that I've added another 12 to that, maybe I won't be loosing massive amounts of blood. This period was more painful than some, but I'll take the pain in place of a long drawn out period any time!

I had "pulled pork sandwiches" again for lunch and Jon had his melba and apple. He got home early enough for us all to go grocery shopping together. We decided to get a zoo pass while we were out and by the time we got to grocery shopping we were all starving. We got the kids something from the dollar menu at McDonalds and we headed for Long John Silvers. For future reference.......DON'T DO IT! It was the only fast food restaurant I could think of that had something we could eat. We ordered the Grilled Tilapia with mixed veggies. Although the fish was legal, it was NASTY. It had no flavor and it turned into paste in my mouth. The veggies were no better and soaked in butter. If you have to eat out fast on this diet, starve before you get LJS. When I got home I had the rest of my "pulled pork sandwich" stuffing and some OJ.

Jon's Stats
228.4 lbs
-18.8 lbs

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