Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 85 - "Hello? Ralph?"

My stats
Day 3 R2
180.8 lbs
R2 : +1 lbs
TL: 28.2 lbs

"Yeah it's me. I'm calling from the porcelain telephone."

I ate too much yesterday. Last round I just FELT like throwing up after loading, this morning I succeeded. It was the oddest thing. I had those nasty burps like last time on loading but then this morning I instantly felt like I had to throw up. There was not sick feeling, no cramping just...I'm going to throw up now. Jon even called out from the bedroom..."Who's throwing up?" I responded between hurls, "Oh, it's just me." Now, you know when you’re sick your answer is a gut wrenching "Meeeeeeeeeeee...." I just had too much to eat. The even weirder thing was that I only threw up the carrots, tomatoes, and hamburger from my spaghetti lunch yesterday! How is that even possible? No potato soup, no bacon, no ice cream, no broccoli, no noodles, no sausage....just carrots, tomatoes, and hamburger with copious amounts of fluid. When I was done I felt completely normal too. No sick feeling although later I was a little sore. You know how that goes.

I think this HCG brand is much better than the last by far. Jon is even commenting on how much food doesn't even LOOK good. When he got to work today there were three cakes, banana nut bread, and sausage and biscuits. He said that they didn't even tempt him, which normally he would have really wanted it but it just didn't seem like he wanted to put anything in his mouth. That's how I feel today too. Last round I definitely wasn't hungry, but I wanted to put EVERYTHING in my mouth. This stuff is good! I only gained .2 lbs and Jon gained .8 lbs. So I only gained 1 pound total on loading and I was TRYING to gain. My metabolism is a different creature!

I had a perfect day. I snacked throughout the day on 4 melba toasts. I drank my water too. I had Citrus fish and broccoli for dinner with some OJ. Jon snacked on melba and an apple during the day and had the same dinner I did. We had a reception for Girl Scouts in the evening with all kinds of cookies and yummy stuff. I didn't eat a thing! Jon had a strawberry and a celery stick. Go Jon!!! I have to admit, last night was a little difficult. Those cookies looked really good. It was easier to say no this time though!

Jon's stats
+ 2.4 lbs

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