Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 84 - More loading

My stats
Day 2 Round 2
180.6 lbs
R2: +.8 lbs
Total:-28.4 lbs

I really am trying to gain weight here! My first loading day on R1 I gained 4 lbs, and this time though I really ate a LOT and only gained .8 lbs. This is ramping up to a great round!!

I planned to eat cinnimion rolls for breakfast but I forgot to start them last night so we had oatmeal with lots of butter and sugar and I ate A LOT!!!

We had spaghetti for lunch and I ate A LOT!!!

Jon and I shared the last bit of ice cream for a snack and then I had left over potato soup and I ATE A LOT!!!

Then Jon went out and got more ice cream and between us and the kids we finished it off. You know we can't have ice cream hanging around the house.

I made losts of meals for Jon and I in the evening. All we have to do is pop one in the microwave now. that should be very helpful.

Jon's Stats
Day 2
248.8 lbs
+ 1.6 lbs

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