Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 98 - We're not losers.....

My Stats
Day 16 R2
170.8 lbs
R2: -9.2 lbs
Total: -38.2 lbs

Just as I expected. I gained .4 lbs. Jon was ok though. The beef ribs didn't seem to affect him much. He lost another .8 lbs.

We had citrus fish and broccoli for lunch. I swiped a couple bites of cheese when I was making cheese quesadillas for the kids. We did fine for dinner. We went to a friend’s house and Jon took chicken fajitas. I took OJ and melba. There was leftover birthday cake. Jon caved for the first time and got a piece of cake. I couldn't help it watching him eat it so I got a piece too. We not losers today!

Jon's Stats
234.8 lbs
-12.4 lbs

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