HCG Protocol

Very simplified Protocol

The following is to be done injecting HCG daily

Phase 1 - Loading (Day 1-2)
Eat as much as you can, especially high fat

Phase 2 - Very Low Calorie Diet (Day 3-40)
You may eat two meals consisting of the following each:
     3.5 oz chicken, white fish, steak, crab, lobster
     3.5 oz lettuce, cabage, spinich, tomatoe, onion, zuccini,
     1 melba toast or grissini stick
     1 apple or orange or 1/2 grapefruit
You must also drink 2 ltr. water a day.
You can spread the items out evenly through the day if you wish

Day 41-43
No injections but continue VLCD

Phase 3 - Maintenence (3 weeks)
You may have everything on the VLCD plus unlimited protien, veggies of any kind, and fruit of any kind.
After 3 weeks begin adding carbs unless you begin to gain weight.
You must weight every day.  If ever you are 2 lbs above your ending weight, have a steak day.  That means fast until evening then eat a huge steak and tomatoes.