Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 92 - Back on a Roll.....mmmmm....rolls.....

My Stats
Day 10 R2
174.4 lbs
R2: 5.6 lbs
TL: -34.6

Woo Hoo! Back on a roll! I lost 1 lb and Jon lost .4 lbs. Now if I could only poo. I wouldn't worry about it except that I'm becoming increasingly uncomfortable. I was going to take some "smooth move" tea, but just thinking about it got the old system rolling.
I wasn't hungry AT ALL today and Jon said the same thing. I had beef broccoli and melba arouond 12 when I made the kids lunch though. Jon had an issue at work. He had a manditory lunch at a restraunt. He decided to just take his apple and melba. He said it was the most embarassing thing he had ever done. I was thinking...."Try birthing a child." Being on a diet in front of other people is childs play compared to having the whole world inspect your most private parts. Nothing bothers you after that! I had OJ and melba for dinner and Jon had herb encrusted tilapia with sauteed zucchini. We both did really well today!

Jon's Stats
240.0 lbs
-7.2 lbs

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