Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 90 - First Gains

My Stats
Day 8 R2
175.0 lbs
R2: -5 lbs
TL: -34 lbs

Jon lost .4 lbs today. He's pretty discouraged. Oh....I remember the woes of R1 like they were yesterday....well they were only 2 months ago. I remember how NOT loosing at least a pound was depressing. How I've changed. R2 has caused me much less anxiety because I know what to expect. I gained .2 lbs today. I'm not discouraged and I'm not upset. I know that for the next couple days I'm not going to loose much because I'm fertile right now. When I was fertile last time it really messed with my mind because I was supposed to be loosing A LOT and I wasn't. Now I know it's just how my body reacts and I'm going to roll with it! I am going to try hard today to get all my water in though. That always makes a difference.

Jon had melba and an apple. I wasn't hungry so I didn't eat anything. For lunch we had lemon pepper chicken. Jon had beef broccoli for dinner and I had oj and melba. I managed most of my liquids for the day. We'll see!

Jon's Stats
240.4 lbs
-6.8 lbs

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