Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 101 - Size L

My Stats
Day 19 R2
170.2 lbs
R2: 9.8 lbs
Total: 38.8 lbs

Hmmm...a little disappointing. Jon only lost .4 lbs and I only lost .2. It makes me suspicious of the tomato basil soup. It WAS too good to be true. It was on Dr. Anna's recipes though. Oh well. I would be depressed except for my adventure last night. I finally went to get a new bra at my favorite store, CATO. I just got fitted at Victoria Secret a couple weeks ago. There's no way I'm spending $40 on a bra I'm going to grow out of in a month or so. CATO had great bras and GREAT clearance. Here's the fun part. I bought a size L top...ME ....a size L! It's still a little tight but for 5 bucks I couldn't turn it down! I’ll be in it in a couple weeks. They had some really cute shorts too on clearance. But they didn't have my size.....They were all too BIG!!! That has NEVER happened to me before. They didn't have a small enough size to fit me. I never imagined I would be in that predicament. I really hope I loose some today though. My TOM (time of month) is due by the end of the week and I know I won't be loosing then.

I did some cooking today and made myself beef broccoli for lunch. I experimented with some spices and it's a winner. I used ginger and paprika along with a bit of soy sauce. I also added onions this time. It was sooooo...goooood! When Jon got home he had the same thing. I had ....can you guess? That's right Oj and melba! I'm never hungry at dinner time. But if I don't eat something I'll go crazy with all the smells. And I like to sit down with my family for dinner. I think I will probably eat Oj and melba for a snack for the rest of my life. It's a new comfort food! Anyway. Jon had an apple after dinner. The only cheating I did today was accidentally licking my fingers when I was making the kids some homemade chocolate cereal. Hope it doesn't set me back to much. I really want to be under 170 tomorrow for our half way mark.

Jon's Stats
232.8 lbs
-14.4 lbs

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