Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 110 - I can live again!!!

My Stats
Day 28 R2
166.2 lbs
R2: -13.8 lbs
Total: -42.8 lbs

Well my cheating didn't hurt too much. I still lost .6 lbs. Jon was super upset today. He stayed the same and he was perfect. We only have 10 days left and he is so ready to be done! I have to say, I'm not feeling the pressure that I was last time to be done with this. We will have extra shots so I may go for another week. Jon was very adamant about NOT going any further than 40 days.

I went to the zoo with the kids and some friends today. I packed some "pulled pork sandwiches" for me. By the time we actually got into the zoo and looking at animals it was 11. I thought I could wait until 12:30 or so to eat with everyone else but by 11:30 I was about to pass out! I ate my "sandwiches" on the go at the zoo. It's a great on the go meal! Before lunch, I still felt a little light headed even though I was drinking tons of water. I had about 10 pieces of homemade cereal and that really seemed to help. I guess I'm just not used to that much activity in the heat and needed some extra calories. The rest of the day went with out a hitch. As I was leaving the zoo, after walking around for over 3 hours, I stepped wrong off the curb and wrenched my hip. My first thought was "here it comes", because for the past few years, anytime I walked longer than 30 minutes or so, I got this horrible pain in my hip that shot down my leg and caused my toes to go numb. I've been told it's probably my sciatic nerve. To my utter shock, no pain followed my misstep. I then realized that I had been walking for over three hours....PAIN FREE! Up an down hills, in the heat, hunched over a stroller...PAIN FREE! It's amazing what the loss of 42 lbs will do for a person. What a glorious day! I can live again!

When Jon got home, we headed out to drop the kids with his mom in Ardmore, where she would take them to Dallas to spend the weekend with the Grandparents. I made Jon some fish, broccoli, a glass of oj and we hit the road. We were out of melba (heaven forbid) so we stopped by the store on the way out and I grabbed TWO boxes. I will not be short on melba again! I had my melba and OJ in the car too. It was hard in Ardmore because we sat and watched the kids eat hamburgers, french fries and a milk shake. Ugh! Soon enough! We did good though. Now for a wonderful, kid free weekend! Jon plans on cheating because it's our anniversary. Not me. But then again, I never PLAN on cheating. We shall see.

Jon's Stats
227.0 lbs
-20.2 lbs

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