Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 93 - "Pulled Pork Sandwiches"

My Stats
Day 11 R2
173.0 lbs
R2: 7 lbs
TL: -36 lbs

Yeah!  I lost 1.4 lbs.  I feel sorry for Jon though.  He only lost .2 lbs.  He's very, VERY frustraited.  He is doing so good and not cheating at all.  I told him to increase his water intake today and try not to have the melba.  If that doesn't work, he may do an apple day.  I'm not sure what's wrong.  He should be loosing a LOT.  He is so active and eating so little and on the HCG.  It just doesn't make sense.  My dad started HCG this weekend.  He only gained 2 pounds on loading.  Today, after his first day of VLCD (very low calorie diet) he lost 5.8 pounds!!!!  Can you believe that?  I told him he won for first day losses.  Has anyone else seen a bigger loss on the first day?  Let me know.

Well today is a big challenge for Jon all around.  He is an insurance adjuster and yesterday there were massive tornados all over Oklahoma.  His territory was devistated.  He left the house at 4am to start assessing damage.  Hopefully he will be fine with his apple, melba and tea he took.   He did make it home around lunch and I heated him up some crab bisque.  I had herb encrusted fish and sauted zuccini.  For dinner I made an experiement that was VERY successful.  I call it "Pulled Pork Sandwiches".  If course, there's no pork in it.....or bread...but the CONSEPT is what counts.  It's all a mental game this HCG diet!  So I made homemade barbeque sauce.  You can see the recipe here.  THEN  I took a serving of it, which counts as a veggie and put it a pan with a chicken portion and about half a chopped onion SINCE I just learned onions DON'T COUNT!  WOO HOO!  I put enough water to cover everything and then let it simmer down until the chicken was done and the sauce was back to a paste.  Then I used two forks to shreded the chicken.  THEN I put it on my melba. OOO BOY!!!  It was soooo gooood.  But it was really spicy and I couldn't finish it.  But sooo goood!  Jon loved it.  He did the whole day with only his two meals and an apple.  He skipped out on melba and another fruit.  I'm so proud of him.

Jon's Stats
239.8 lbs
-7.4 lbs

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