Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Day 51

Day 6 Maintenance
182.2 lbs
TL: 26.8 lbs
FMW: +.2lbs

Are you seeing this? Is this not amazing? I'm only up .4 lbs today. I had a brownie bite, a bite of cupcake, chicken nuggets and french fries and I'm only up .4 lbs, only .2 lbs over my goal weight, and I still need to poo. Karen suggested cleansing tea, so I'll try and get some today. How is this possible though? I'm still right where I need to be. This is the most awesome diet ever invented! Or discovered as it were.

I finally ate at lunch time. My eggs got delivered so I fried a couple up. I had a couple melba toasts while Jon was making dinner. We had tuna salad sandwiches. I just had the tuna salad. Then Caedon brought me the peanut butter and we both had a couple spoonfuls. Then he brought me the strawberry jam, and we had a couple spoonfuls of that. It was a crazy day. I'm about to go back to work and I had to finish all my training. Hopefully I will get more food and the house and more time on my hands and I can get back to eating right. Even if I'm not gaining, I'd like to be eating well. Yesterday was really bad and I can tell it in my energy. Today was bad just because I didn't eat enough so now I feel tired and unsatisfied.

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