Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 41 - I'm P.O.'d

Day 37 HCG
Day 39 VLCD
183.8 lbs
-25.2 lbs

What the @#$%!? I'm only down .2 lbs. I was PERFECT yesterday. PERFECT! I am so done. Since I have to stay on the VLCD three more days I'm going to finish the shots, but I've had it. I'm ready to move on and get a normal life back. Hopefully I'll be ready again in 6 weeks. Jon is ready to go, but I don't know if I will be. Being hungry and not loosing weight don't mix with me. If I'm hungry, I should loose weight. I didn't so I'm upset. I'll get over it, but right now I'm fuming.

Like now I'm fine because my mom gave me a pair of 12 jeans that were too big for her. They fit me!! Yes...12s. They were a little tight, but not so tight I didn't wear them all day!

I ate some chicken fajitas before we left for the baby shower. I have to say I was remarkable! Cupcakes, cookies, cream cheese dip, chicken salad sandwiches, cranberry, cream cheese and turkey paninis....I turned them all down! AND I was serving them. I did eat 4 cherry tomatoes. Totally legal! I had my OJ and melba when I got home. I'm starving right now. But I vowed not to cheat for the last shots. All I could eat was the steak I brought but then I would have nothing for tomorrow. I can make it.
As I was explaining this diet today as people oooed and awed over my weight loss, I realized why I’m having a hard time loosing right now. This is the weight I was at after Charis was born and after Eythan was born. I was there for a while with both. I’m ok with that now. I’ll loose it next round and then I’ll be off an running because my next platue would not be until 140 lbs. which is what I was in High school and College.

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