Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 52 - Beware! Rant on whole foods.

Day 7 Maintenance
182.0 lbs
27 lbs lost
0 from goal

So I'm one week into maintenance and I'm exactly where I was on my last HCG day! I'm freakin' out a little over how easy this is. I was so skeptical. I thought it would be a fight to keep the weight off and endless steak days. All I've done is just not eat the carbs that go with the meals I prepare and I've really, really cheated. Now, I'm still skeptical that when I add carbs back in if it will be this easy to keep the weight off! But that's me...the eternal skeptic.

I had two eggs (with butter and seasoning) with a tall glass of milk. My family has consumed almost a dozen eggs since yesterday. We like eggs...especially local free range eggs. If you have never tried free range eggs (actual free range eggs, not just the ones that say cage free, there is a HUGE difference...go to a farmer's market to get them), you have never had eggs. I've discovered something these past few months. We have really been working on the quality of food in our house. I'm used to buying and therefore my family is used to eating the cheapest brand. That doesn't mean is necessarily the worst quality, but most everything I was buying was highly, HIGHELY processed. You know what that means? All the nutrients have been almost destroyed. So when I started making my own bread from whole grain flour and buying raw milk and free range eggs I thought it would break the bank. It hasn't! Here is what I now believe. When you buy whole foods, though they may cost more initially, you just can't eat as much. Whole foods have retained their nutrients. Processed foods lack nutrients so your body keeps signaling you to eat more. It's not because your hungry, it's because your body still needs MORE. When you eat a sandwich with white bread, miracle whip, American cheese, and bologna, you finish it off and then a bag of chips. If you made the same size sandwich out of homemade bread (or fresh whole grain bread from a bakery), homemade miracle whip (which is really easy), cheddar cheese and leftover FREE RANGE chicken from the one you roasted in the crock pot last night, you would be hard pressed to finish it. I have seen this over and over with my kids. They can't even finish ONE free range egg, but they could eat two or three cage eggs. They can finish off two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches from store bought ingredients, but they can barely, and usually don't, finish off a sandwich made from homemade bread, homemade peanut butter, and home canned preserves. We used to go through a gallon of milk every other day. We're hard pressed to get through two gallons a week of raw milk. So I say all that to tell you. Two eggs filled me up this morning. Try whole (and happy) food. You will eat less.

For lunch I just had the kids leftover eggs from breakfast. I got busy with a project and forgot to put dinner on! So Jon picked up fajitas from our favorite restraunt on the way home (definitely not whole food!). I just had two pieces of chicken, lots of veggies, beans, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, and cheese dip. I didn't have tortillas, chips or rice. It was sooooo good. But my tummy didn't like it.

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