Sunday, March 7, 2010

Day 27 - I'm a wiener...I mean WINNER!

Day 25 VLCD
189.2 lbs
-19.8 lbs

I lost another .4 lbs. That makes me a winner. I just want to see -20 lbs and I'm short .2 lbs. That's a wiener. I won first place in the soup cook off! I'm a winner. I probably ate a half cup of the stuff tasting it. I'm a wiener. Which kept me from loosing all the way to 20. I'm a wiener. But I’m not taking the HCG right now. I'm a winner. I had an egg for lunch which is allowed on occasion. I'm a winner. It was cooked in bacon grease. I'm a wiener. When I realized this I didn't eat a veggie. I’m a winner. But I couldn't resist a couple of spoonfuls of potato soup the kids were having for lunch. I'm a wiener. I regrouped and had two melba toast for a snack in afternoon. I'm a winner. But the cheddar cheese in the fridge was irresistible too, so I just took a honkin bite out of the pound of cheese like an animal. I'm a wiener. But it was just one bite and then I had my oj and melba toasts determined to move on. I'm a winner. Charis left her spaghetti sitting on the table and since I'd already screwed up so much today I figured why not and finished it off. I'm definitely a wiener......but it was soooooo goooood!

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