Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 26 - A contest and a load of......

Day 24 VLCD
189.6 lbs
-19.4 lbs
I'm down .4 lbs today. I really thought I would gain because I just didn't pee like I normally do. I drank the same amount of water and ate the same foods. I wonder if it’s my period or not having HCG? I woke up this morning to a rumbly in my tumbly and I got kind of nervous. By the time I cooked bacon and some rice cereal for the family, I wasn't hungry anymore and relieved!

I had a major obstacle this morning though. Jon's work was having a soup cook off this morning. Can you guess what I did? Yes, made soup. Can you guess what kind? Anyone? Can you guess? YES! Baked Potato soup!!! I'm totally going to win. But at what cost? We know how I can't handle this stuff. It's worse than girl scout cookies. One hundred bazillion times worse! Jon wanted me to stay for the tasting and the judging. I respectfully declined. If I win though, Jon gets a half day off. That's pretty nice! Maybe he can take it when I can start adding carbs to my diet and we can get a baby sitter and stay home all day baked potato soup!!!!

After "tasting" so much soup, I didn't think I would eat lunch. I got a little hungry when I started the kids lunch though so I had steak and onions. I was a little hungry by the time Jon got home, which was late so it was actually when I normally had my melba toast and oj. We had to run out, so I grabbed one to give me a little energy for our chore. We had to use the shovel we bought. You ready to find out the mystery shovel event? Horse poop. No really. We shoveled a van load of horse poop for my new garden! It was free too. You can't beat that. Jon took the kids out to eat after that and sat at home and ate melba toast and oj in complete solitude......complete bliss.

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