Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 30 - About to give up

Day 26 HCG
Day 28 VLCD
-19.4 lbs
I gained .6 lbs. I'm pretty upset. In my worst dreams I would have stayed the same today. But gained .6 lbs? I was SO hungry yesterday and if I had actually eaten when I was I can't even imagine what I would have gained. I turned down moonpies. MOONPIES! Tomorrow better be miraculous or I give up and go on maintenance. I can't NOT be loosing weight and especially gaining weight. As I've said before, I don't have the patience or the will power for this. Without results, I'm done. So now, in the past week, I've lost .4 lbs instead of a pound. I need to quite thinking about it or I'll quite today.

So I was starving this morning and my HCG support group friends told me to eat a lot of steak and tomatoes to get the hunger under control. I made a double portion and the good news is I only ate half of it. My hunger was quenched. I didn't get hungry again until around 5:30 so I had my oj and melba toast. I was fine except for the fact that I made chicken and dumplings for dinner so I had to taste it several times to get the seasoning right. I also had half a dumpling to make sure the dough was done before I fed it to anyone. I suppose I can feel the HCG beginning to work again because I'm not nearly as hungry as I was yesterday and it was much easier to stop at just tasting the meal I was cooking and not indulging. Still waiting for my miracle tomorrow though.

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