Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 35 - Working with life

Day 31 HCG
Day 33 VLCD
186 lbs
-23 lbs

I'm down .6 lbs. I was actually hoping for a little more since I ate perfectly yesterday and was active outside all day too. Oh well, .6 is better than nothing.

We were a little off due to the time change and wound up going out about 12. No one had eaten and we decided to go out to eat. I was a little peeved because there is pretty much no place fast for me to eat. We decided to go to Texas Road House which I knew exactly what to order there. I had a few peanuts there because I was hungry and if I didn't eat something I would wind up eating one of those luscious rolls. I figured Peanuts were better than a roll for a cheat. It wound up being about the same for us to eat there as McDonalds because Charis and I shared the 6 oz steak and I got tomatoes and she got potatoes! It cost about $20 for our family to eat at McDonalds. It cost us $26 with tip to eat at Texas Road House.

I got a little nervous in the afternoon because I was hungry again. I had my OJ and melba toast but only an hour later I was hungry again. I had a few licks of peanut butter. We were out so I was making some more and I needed to find the right salting amount. I wound up putting none in because it tasted to good without. I hit the water pretty hard but wound up having two bites of bread because I tried making whole grain bread instead of just white flour and I wanted to see what it tasted like anyway. I was still hungry though. I really hope this isn't an omen.

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