Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 22 - Muscle Mysteries

Day 22 HCG
Day 20 VLCD
191.2 lbs
-17.8 lbs
Another .6 lbs gone! I think I'll call the trip overall successful. Now the next time I travel it's for a baby shower so we'll see how THAT goes!

Remember the other day when I was talking about my muscles being weak? I was chatting with some friends in my HCG yahoo Support group and they brought a passage, out of Dr. Simmons book, to my attention. I won't quote's totally boring. But in essence what he was saying, was that because you are loosing fat so quickly, and because some of that fat had deposited itself in and around your muscles, that your muscles are now somewhat stretched. Now that a bulk of fat is gone around them, they have to contract "extra" to make up for their length. It's not that your weak, it's that your muscles have to do double time. It corrects itself very quickly though, as I can attest to. Within a couple days I wasn't noticing the "weakness" anymore. I probably should read that book again. It's been a while! If you want to read the book, there is a link to the left for a free download.
So today was pretty easy for dieting....potty training my 3 year old was not so easy. He made a full load of laundry all by himself. I got hungry around 10 so I had a melba toast. I made baked Italian chicken (that's just Italian herbs and garlic powder) with some marinara that I made the other day. Caedon made me cheat. I decided that I would give him half a cookie every time he went potty in the potty. He only got half a cookie today. He brought me one later and the rest of the piece I split for him. I took it away and popped the little piece in my mouth with out even thinking. AHHH! It was so good. I think I'll be dreaming of thin mints tonight! Dinner was fine. I sampled the stuffing and tiny piece of chicken, but stuck with my OJ and melba toast for dinner. That Girl Scout cookie was evil though. It got into my head.

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