Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 37 - Water is very important

Day 33 HCG
Day 35 VLCD
185.2 lbs

I'm only down .2 lbs. That's ok. I didn't have the greatest day yesterday. I had two glasses of OJ and two servings of carbs. I normally only have one of each. I also didn't drink nearly enough water which I think is the biggest culprit here. I haven't been saying much about it but getting the minimum amount of water, 2 liters, is actually very difficult. I have to plan more for my water intake than anything else. Like yesterday we had a 3 hour trip to make. Should have thought ahead. Today I was supposed to sell Girl scout cookies for 5 hours....on the street....couldn't be having to pee there. I have to think ahead. But it is so very important to at least have the minimum. I rarely get over the minimum. It is very hard and sometimes makes me feel sick.

I didn't wind up having to sell GS cookies until tomorrow, but I did have to meet family for lunch at Chick'fila. There is nothing I can eat there. NOTHING. So I made chicken and zucchini sautéed in balsamic vinegar and took it with me. I did great. I finished the rest of the day as usual. I was perfect! Ok...I wasn't perfect. I made a strawberries and cream streusel for Eythan's birthday. I HAD to try it. I was pretty good. I only had one bite though.

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