Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 45 - Last day...I be bad

Day 43 VLCD
181.2 lbs
TL (total loss): -27.8 lbs
FMW(from Maintenance weight): -.8lbs

I lost .6lbs today. My tummy is making up for not being hungry yesterday though. I couldn't even sleep early this morning it was screaming so loud. I was half tempted to start maintenance a day early. I knew what eating the wrong foods does though if you have HCG in your system!

To bad I didn't keep that out look. It started with making homemade chicken nuggets. I had to taste them to make sure they were ok. Karen said I should let someone else taste the food. But when I experiment like this I need to taste it so I know how to make it better next time. I only ate one chicken nugget. Then I had crab bisque for lunch. Then the big mistake. I thought I would make potato soup because the NEXT time I make it I should be able to have a little. That didn't work. I probably had 1/2 a cup when it was all said and done. Hopefully tomorrow won't be my first steak day!!!

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