Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 43 - Acceptable

Day 41 VLCD
182.0 lbs
-27 lbs

Well, I said I like even numbers. I'm only down .4 lbs today and that leaves me 2 lbs short of my goal. This is acceptable though. Though unlikely I could still go down two pounds during maintenance. :)

I woke up several times during the night with rumblys in my tummy. I was hungry this morning too. With the way I've felt the last week I'm sure my HCG was loosing it's stuff. Next time won't be that way. Jon and I are doing it together so we will do four 5,000 units and take our injections out of the same one. Every 10 days we will get fresh HCG. I've still got to be good though. After witnessing the affects of indulgence on HCG, cheating is not something I want to do to my maintenance weight. It's crazy what you gain just by eat a piece of ham.

I was starving all morning. We did a tour of Channel 9 and met the meteorologist for Charis' Girl Scout troop. It was really fun, but by the time I got home I was about to faint. I grabbed an OJ and two melba toasts while I put together some lemon tilapia and broccoli. Half way into the tilapia I was full. I thought I was done but, WHAMO 20 minutes later I was rumbling again. I finished it off and still had rumblies. I managed until dinner. I forgot I had oj earlier and had another glass and melba toast. I should have eaten a full meal but I didn't have time to cook. I never have time to cook on Monday’s and we always have left overs or sandwiches....neither of which I can have yet. Then I went grocery shopping for all the yummy stuff I can have in a couple of days. I didn't manage to drink all my water again today. So I’m not looking for a loss tomorrow, only that I’m between 180 and 184.

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