Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 36 - Grissini sticks are dangerous and size 14s

Day 32 HCG
Day 34 VLCD
185.4 lbs
-23.6 lbs

Well, I lost another .6 lbs. If I keep this up I'll JUST meet my goal. Something is worrying me though. I woke up this morning with a deep hunger growling in my stomach. Yesterday I was hungry in the afternoon too. I really don't want this to stop working right here at the end. I want to make my goal. It's only 8 days away.

While I was fixing a lunch of stir fried broccoli and scallops I crunched on a grissini stick. I got the noodles out of the pantry for the kids and as I turned I raised the grissini stick to my mouth but my hand didn't know by body had turned and I stuck it in my nose. Ha, ha. Have a good laugh. That's what I did even though it hurt badly. The next thing I know blood is gushing from my nose and it did even until after lunch. Be CAREFUL with those grissini guys...they're dangerous. After lunch I was still hungry so I had a glass of OJ. I'm really starting to get nervous. I don't want to be hungry.
Later on in the day I was doing some laundry, both my hands occupied, and I had just about had it with my pants falling down. I found a pair of jeans the other day I hadn't worn in a couple years. They were 16s but very tight 16s. I was wearing them in hopes they would stay on. Today they were falling off just like all the others. I remembered my mom had given me a pair of 14s when Caedon was born but I never was able to wear them. I knew where they were though and I thought, "Why not give it a try. They'll probably be too tight, but what the heck. No one is looking." I put them over my feet and there was actually not a fight to get them past my thighs. I was pretty sure they wouldn't button though. BUT THEY DID. I didn't even have to suck in! I'm sitting on the couch typing right now and I can breathe!!! I'm officially in 14s!!!! I want to shout it from the mountain tops!!! But I live in Oklahoma, and there aren’t any around so I'll blog it with a bunch of exclamation points!! I'm a 14! I can shop in regular people cloths now!!! Plus size no more!!!

I had more OJ and melba toast for dinner. I did pretty good until I was cleaning up after dinner and Charis had some onions left in her bowl. I inhaled them....and the potatoes that where clinging to them. I also didn't drink nearly my water quota for the day. I may have drunk a 1/2 liter. I just got busy and then it was time to pick up Eythan and I couldn't drink before we left because I didn't want to pee all the way to Ardmore and we didn't get home until 10:30 and I didn't want to be peeing all night. We'll see how this affects my weight loss tomorrow. I did however get through everyone eating ice cream, hamburgers and french fries at the Brahms we meet at. Not one bite!

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