Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 24 - Not what I expected

Day 24 HCG
Day 22 VLCD
190.6 lbs
-18.4 lbs

I only lost .8 lbs. ONLY .8lbs. All I ate was a feakin' apple yesterday! Karen would tell me that it worked. I wanted to see something dramatic. On this diet .8lbs is not dramatic. I've lost more sneaking potato soup. I'll be ok though. There's no way I'm quitting this far into the game! 16 days too......cheese. How I dream of cheese, and milk, and refried beans and cheese, sour cream, salsa, spaghetti sauce and cheese, eggs and cheese.........

Oh! Sorry. You’re still here.

OK, pay attention, shield your ears if you don't want to know about womanly things.

I started today. That means that I can't take shots until I'm done. Dr. Simmons says that we have to do this and that it should cause no ill effect. Hump! He's a does he know?! Anyway, I'm pretty skeptical that I'm not going to get hungry all the sudden. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I did good today, I had citrus fish with broccoli and then OJ and melba toast for dinner. I did eat a half a thin mint. I’m telling you. They have mental powers of seduction!! It begged me to eat it. It had these excuses like "OH, I'm a poor crumbled cookie, inadequate to feed to your 3 year old. But OH! What a shame to waste me when people are starving all over the world. Eat me and honor your child and humanity!" Horrible, evil cookies!!!

I stepped up my exercise today too. It was warm enough to go outside today and I build my compost pile out of pallets I got out of the dumpster at the EXERCISE EQUIPMENT STORE. LOL! I wonder what they said when I left. "That fat chick needs the equipment, not the pallets they came in on."
Another exciting event today. My pants won't stay on, so got my MOST uncomfortable pair that I really haven't worn in two years because they were so tight. They fit!! By the end of the day I even had to pull them up. I also noticed when I was out today that I wasn't as self conscious as I normally am. I met an old friend and I wasn't ashamed for them to see me. I felt cute and NORMAL. It's amazing how 20lbs changes you.

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