Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 34 - And I've been wrong before

Day 30 HCG
Day 32 VLCD
186.6 lbs
-22.4 lbs

Ok. I was wrong. I lost 1 lb today. I guess I wasn't as bad as I thought, and I was standing and chasing Girl Scouts all day yesterday. Not to mention it was FREEZING so I'm sure that ate up some calories too. This is what I'm thinking. I have the extra days to do the HCG but this is becoming incredibly tedious and I so need a break. IF I make my goal by day 40 I'm going on maintenance. If not, I'll go until my HCG is gone. I really want to make that 180 mark. I haven't been lower than 181 since Charis was born almost 9 years ago. I looked GOOD then and I have the pictures to prove it. Of course I gained it all back to 199/200 in a matter of months. Not this time. I have the tools to keep it off, or I'm going to get them during maintenance, and I have a bunch of great online HCG mentors that will keep me on track!

I had bruchetta chicken for lunch today and then my melba toast and OJ later on. I worked hard today, all day, on my garden. I'm sitting here now watching my family eat cheesecake chimichangas. It's really not even tempting. But just to make sure I drank a liter of water so nothing is tempting.

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