Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 21 - Success in traveling and eating out

Day 21 HCG
Day 19 VLCD
191.8 lbs
-17.2 lbs

Yeah me!!! I'm down .4 lbs. I contribute that to walking around the mall for 2 hours yesterday, because I ate twice as much as I normally do. But it's also truly a testimony of how well this diet works. I was totally out of my norm, and I ATE OUT, and didn't gain a pound. I lost half of one.

So I ate my chicken and zucchini I brought with me for lunch with some OJ and did really well the rest of the day. I drank all my water early again to avoid having to stop on the way home. I got a little hungry in the after noon so I ate a Melba toast.

All was fine until we headed home and no one had had dinner. We stopped at Raising Cain's. If you have never had Raising Cain's, you've never had chicken fingers. They are awesome and so is their sauce. I was dying a little inside as the car filled with the aroma of Cain's sauce, Texas toast, french fries and yes...chicken fingers. I was about to cave when I remembered I had my leftover steak and broccoli in the ice chest!!! I grabbed it and ate the steak like a chicken finger. Yeah!!! That helped. But Cain's still beckoned. I opened the broccoli and then, then I cheated. I dipped my broccoli in Cain's sauce. Just a little! I also had a bite of a french fry with sauce on it. But I think I did quite well under the circumstances.

I made it home fine. I'm hoping for at least a .2 lb loss tomorrow. I can live with 0. But a gain would be a little depressing right now.


  1. Emily, I was wondering where you ordered your HCG from? So many places offer it online - just not sure who to trust!

  2. Hey Mikala!

    Here's the iffy part of this whole thing. To buy American HCG you have to have a prescription which will run you in the thousands of dollars because you will have to go under the care of a Doctor and enroll in their program. If you have a family Dr. that might prescribe it for you, that would be even better. If your stuck like me, then you have two options. You can use homeopathic HCG, which some swear by, and some think is just a placebo. Or you can order out of country and take your chances. I ordered my HCG from a company called . It is shipped out of India and they kept me updated fairly well on when and where I should see my HCG. It has to go through customs and that an take a while. See the post "For REAL?". I suggest you go to the link in "Let's Begin" to get an idea about ordering, mixing, ect. You will also need to order, from that site, supplies for mixing and injecting. Total cost was around $150, but totally worth it and possibly made up for by the amount of food you eat! Short story long.