Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Day 64 - Another Bad Day

Day 18 Maintenance
182.0 lbs
TL: 27 lbs
FMW: 0 lbs

No change. I'm down with that. I had a horrible eating day yesterday. I did bad. I'm also starting...you know...STARTING. This is good because it will give me a good two weeks on HCG before I have the dreaded TOM.

I really pushed it today. I had chocolate chip cookies for breakfast and left over pizza for lunch. I didn't have much and added a couple pieces of cheese for snack later on. We had a girl scout project in the evening where the girls made dinner and served us. I had barbeque baked beans....from a can, fruit salad, and a sloppy joe on WHITE bread. White bread from the store. Nutrition less, preservative and additive filled, fluffy, succulent, velvet white bread. Ohhhhh....it was so good. Then I had two desserts. TWO! I had a coconutty, chocolaty, caramely, yummy thing and something called a banana split cake. And I washed it down with Caedon's left over Sunkist.......mmmmmm....caffeine.....

I am terrified of the scales tomorrow.

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