Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 63 - Test Complete

Day 17 Maintenance 182.0
TL: 27 lbs
FMW: 0 lbs

Well, I did it. I tried to think of the one thing I would love to have more than anything else. If I was going to indulge, It was going to be good, really good. I thought of Ben and Jerry Ice cream. Phish food to be exact. It's chocolate ice cream with little chocolate chips in the shape of fish, with marshmallow and caramel swirls. I think I gained the pound just thinking about it. I also thought of Karen's experience with movie popcorn the other day and the pain she was in from have synthetic food. B&J ice cream is full of synthetic ingredients so I thought some more. I thought of cheesecake, cookies, carrot cake, tiramisu, brownies but none of them hit the spot. The one thing I could think of too indulge in were the homemade granola bars I made the other day. So I got all ready to go to the store to get the chocolate chips to make them and I got a phone call. It was our friend’s daughter. "Emily? I'll be at your house in 5 minutes. I have the cookie dough your husband ordered." My evening had just changed! When I got the cookies I read the ingredients and the only unnatural thing in the cookies was some partially hydrogenated oil in one of the kinds of chocolate chips. And what was I just going to buy? So, over the course of the evening I ate 12 cookies in various stages of cookedness and two glasses of milk. Horrible dinner, I know, but they were sooooo gooood! The result was a one pound gain even though I mowed the lawn yesterday and hardly ate anything else. Maybe I went a little overboard. 12 cookies? But the obvious outcome here is that OCCSIONAL means occasional, and MODERATION means moderation. I'm still in the safe zone, but a 1 pound gain is still serious.

So back to the grind. I had two fried eggs for breakfast, left over succotash for lunch and personal homemade pizza for dinner. Of course Jon made cookies. I can't remember how many I ate. I know it was accompanied by a glass of milk and I also had sweet tea for dinner.

I've really fallen off the wagon. I have a serious sugar addiction. Alcoholics can't go to bars. I can't have cookie dough in the freezer. I am resolved to be a better example of HCG dieting......starting tomorrow. There are still cookies on the counter and milk in the fridge.

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