Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 58 - Sufferin' Succotash!

Day 12 Maintenance
182.6 lbs
TL: 26.4 lbs
FMW: + .6lbs

Still safe. The carbs didn't cause a catastrophic gain. I actually lost almost a pound, .8lbs to be exact. When I weighed I hadn't gone #2 for two days so I guess the tea is going to be a staple in my diet for a while. (Aren't you just getting tired about hearing about my bathroom issues?!) But I did go a little later on.

I had yogurt with strawberry preserves for breakfast and made the kids toast. For lunch I had homemade Ramen and some edemmome. I LOVE edemmome. For dinner the plan was to have succotash. Instead I went to the emergency room to have my finger tip sewn back on. A couple of weeks ago I bought a mandolin, not the musical instrument, a slicer. It's like a cheese grater but on and angle and it has one blade with attachments to make french fries. We'll the kids put the finger guard somewhere and I thought to myself, "I don't need a stinking finger guard. I'm way smart enough to use this thing without it." Apparently I wasn't. I basically sliced my fingerprint off my right ring finger. It was still barely attached. The doc said he couldn't sew it back on though because of the type of slice it was had cut all the blood vessels and that that piece of skin would die and I'd be left with a hole in my finger. He was just going to cut that part off but I was being such a baby he just left it on to fall off on its own. I think he realized just how deep a cut it was when he started messing with it and realized there were at least some nerves working!

So after our er visit all I wanted was an ice cream cone. I settled for a taco salad from Taco Bell, I ordered it without rice and I didn't eat the shell. I’m so good.

It's really hard to type.

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