Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 78 - The Payment for eating out and late.....

Day 32 Maintenance
178.8 lbs
TL: 30.2 lbs
FMW: -3.2 lbs

Is AWESOME!!! What do I have to do to gain some weight around here!!! I lost less than this during HCG sometimes. I'm half tempted to put of the HCG this weekend and just see how normal life keeps going......Na!!!! If I'm loosing this much with out HCG, just think how much I'll loose on! Maybe I'll shoot for 40 LBS this time.....Ok…..I'm getting a little greedy.

I had rice for breakfast and a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. I snacked on granola too. I had rotisserie chicken for dinner with potato salad. THEN....I went to girl scouts and the boy scouts had a son/father cake bake off. They needed judges and there were only two people in the entire building that didn't have connections to the bakers. I selflessly offered my services. It was really fun. I'm glad that I had lost a couple of pounds because I might have been nervous the entire time. The most interesting cake was the kitty litter cake. I was a box with a plastic liner. In the box looked like course sand and turds with a pooper scooper sticking up out of it. It looked like the real thing. We saved it for last to taste! It was actually really good. It was a spice cake completely crumbled up with gram crackers crumbled on top of that. The "turds" were partially melted tootsie rolls!!! HA!

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