Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 67 - In the wake of little chocolate donuts

Day 21 Maintenance
182.0 lbs
TL: 27.0 lbs
FMW: 0 lbs

Either I'm really lucky or my metabolism has changed. I lost .4 lbs even after the little chocolate donuts. This is too good to be true! And we all know what that really means. But it seems in this case it might be. Here's the deal though. Remember when I was on the rag last time? Dr. Simmons said that I shouldn't have been hungry but I was. So most people gain weight before and on their period. I lost weight right before to the point I was even lower than my HCG weight and I've maintained beautifully even eating the crap I've been eating. I think I'm just weird.

So I had chocolate granola for breakfast. Much, MUCH better than chocolate donuts! I'm serious! Then we went to Maggie Moo's for free ice cream on tax day. Well, THIS Maggie moos' didn't do it so it was a wasted trip. I had promised the kids if they finished their homework I would take them and now there was no free ice cream. So we wound up eating lunch at McDonald’s. I HATE McDonald’s, but I did it for the kids. I would have been happy to never put another piece of crap hamburger from McDonald’s in my mouth again. I literally thing this stuff is poison. But I took one for the kids and poisoned myself with a burger. Then, at dinner, I had half a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before I jetted out the door to work on a special project. If I can figure out how to show you on here I will. Otherwise I'll just tell you tomorrow. I didn't get back until 2 am so well see if I can figure it out!

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