Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 79 - And Payment for the Cake Judging....

Day 33 Maintenance
179.6 lbs
TL: 29.4 lbs
FMW: -2.4 lbs

Well I didn't think there wouldn’t be some consequences for that. It wasn't bad though. I only gained .8 lbs. I’m still under 180. The plan was to be really good today. That was the plan. Yeah...plan.

I had eggs for breakfast and left over chicken, potato salad, and beans for lunch. I snacked on granola too. I'm almost out. Should I make more? wouldn't be gone before I started the VLCD and it's way too tempting. I caved for dinner. I ordered pizza and had three slices. IT WAS A smaller Pizza! Don't judge me! But of course, you can't have pizza without...COKE! Oh sweet nectar from Heaven! Succulent caffeinated bliss! You would think after 79 days without it, it would taste nasty, or too sweet. I'm here to didn't! It was scrumptious in all its carbonated, corn syrup glory! I now know why alcoholics can't have just ONE beer after years of sobriety, or ex-smokers can't just BE around smokers, or ex druggies can't have just one drag. I can't have coke with pizza. BAD MOJO!!!

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