Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 65 - Huh?!

Day 19 Maintenance
181.8 lbs
TL: 27.2 lbs
FMW: -.2 lbs

LOL! I lost!

I had rice with butter, milk and sugar for breakfast. I had to dip into my dooms day stash for lunch because my bread wasn't thawed out from the freezer and SOMEONE dripped the peanut butter so we would only have jelly sandwiches anyway. We had corned beef hash and green beans. I felt pretty sick after that. I started a pear buckle in the crock pot after lunch to have with Anne at dinner. She made us Chicken and rice casserole with rolls and salad. YUM! I had two rolls...I shouldn't have. I had lemonade. I shouldn't have. I had Pear buckle and vanilla ice cream.....I shouldn't have. At some point this badness is going to catch up with me...I just know it.

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