Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 17 - And NOT cheating prospers more!

Day 17 HCG
Day 15 VLCD
193.8 lbs
-15.2 lbs

Yesterday was the perfect diet day. I didn't cheat once, I ate my meal around noon, had my glass of OJ with the family for dinner, and drank all my water. All of that equals a 1.8lb loss!! Woo! Hoo! for me!!! If you click on my weight chart to the left (once your there,click "daily" and move the left date button to the point I started the diet), you can literally see how my body did not want to let go of 200. Once I broke free from that weight, it's been nothing but down hill from there...and in this case, down hill is good!

Today wasn't so perfect. I've vowed not to make baked potato soup until this is over. We all know I had issues with it the night I made it, but heating up the left overs for lunch for the kids was just disastrous. I HAD to test to see if it was warm enough. And I didn't see anything around to wipe my potato soup covered finger on.....within a millimeter of the bowl anyway. So I HAD to lick it off. I also HAD to make sure that Caedon's, my 3 year old, soup was the perfect temperature so I took a toddler spoonful taste. It was soooooooo goooooood! Later that afternoon, he hadn't finished his and it would be a horrible waste of the most wonderful soup invented if I just put it down the drain! For heaven's sake! There are children starving ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!!! I managed to have a change of heart after two toddler spoonfuls of it and chucked the rest in the sink before I blew the whole thing. I did have chicken and zucchini sauteed in balsamic vinegar for lunch so I wasn't hungry.....baked potato soup is just soooooo goooood!!!

When I was making dinner- I've been working on a recipe for refried beans. I've tried several, but I just haven't gotten the flavor or texture "I" want yet. So I tasted it several times to at least get it palatable for the family. Since I cheated so much I decided to skip my OJ for dinner and sipped on orange and passion fruit flavored green tea. When I went to bed my stomach was actually growling but I just drifted off into dream land instead of drifting down to the kitchen. Was it enough?

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