Monday, February 8, 2010

Let's Begin

Not Dieting
206.4 lbs.

I finally got home from a sad, emotionally and physically draining weekend from Dallas. Jon and I sent the kids to bed and relaxed in front of the TV. After we watched the news and found out we would be snowed in...again...tomorrow we headed off to bed. I had just started to change when I remembered my big day tomorrow. I needed to mix my HCG!!! I put my clothes back on and wearily headed down stairs. It should be easy...I've been told. I got all my supplies together and flipped open my handy dandy Blackberry and opened the email with the instructions. About half way through the first directions something seemed really wrong. It wasn't going to work! The water wasn't going to fit into the vial, much less the HCG. So at the risk of destroying a precious friendship I called Karen at 11:45pm to ask questions and try not to cry. My brain was so fried I couldn't even understand what she was trying to say. I just needed it to work and work easily. So like any 32 year old I turned to the one that I knew would always give me the answers I needed....The Internet. Actually, I just went to the website Karen ordered the supplies from and they had a perfectly understandable video (click hear to see the video) on how to do the mixing...AND the injecting (which was what I was most nervous about). I finally got it all may not be exactly correct, but it will work. It really is easy...when your awake....and not in mourning...and not frustrated from everything that can go wrong going wrong...and your three year old is still awake at midnight.......

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