Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 12 - Oh Well.....

Day 12 HCG
Day 10 VLCD
199.0 lbs
-10 lbs

Well I've reached another goal. 10 lbs lost. I was hoping it happened sooner, and I was hoping this was my big drop day. I guess in the big picture, since I started the VLCD, I've lost 10 pounds in 10 days. That's not shabby.

Again I was awake before the alarm and I went to bed closer to 1am because we had overnight guests come in. I got up and make homemade English muffins with Canadian bacon, cheese and fried (in lard) eggs. Also available was cream cheese and homemade strawberry preserves and grape jelly. one of my favorite meals. Didn't touch it. It wasn't very hard either. It would have been murder last week.

I really, REALLY need to see 198 on that scale tomorrow though. Even if it's 198.8...of course I would like better.

Even though I'm not loosing much, one of the bonuses of HCG is body reshaping. Jon says he can really tell I'm changing and I can tell somewhat. The premise is that since ALL fat is available for consumption, it's also available to MOVE. Since we have normal fat and abnormal fat (and the normal fat is the first burned) then the abnormal fat is free to move to the normal fat spaces or just even itself out. Once I've reached my goal weight, it's probable that if i gain, I gain over all and not just in my stomach where I have previously. I can already tell my stomach is going down. It's really weird to look down after only a little over a week and see half of what I used to see! All this drama is just my personality. I need to see calculable results, concrete results and those are in the form of the numbers on the scale.

I made homemade pasta for the kids and our kid guests for lunch and snacked on apples chips while I cooked it. I also made chicken Parmesan (chicken coated in a crushed grissini) for myself with the marinara I made the other day.

For dinner I ordered pizza for everyone and made myself steak and sauteed zucchini. I snaked on the rest of the apple chips from earlier. The hardest part of my day was when I made cupcakes with the kids. I've had an idea for a mock apple pie floating in my head for a few days so I tried to make it to curb my cravings. It was a lot to be desired. The only way I got through it was to promise myself if I didn't loose at least .4lbs tomorrow I would have one in the morning. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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