Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day Nine - The air down here!

Day 9 HCG
Day 7 VLCD
199.4 lbs
-9.6 lbs

1.4 lb loss!!! Yes!! I haven't been under 200 lbs (though it be only by .2 lbs) since Caedon was born 3 years ago. This feels nice....real nice. I do believe I can carry on today. This is the kind of losses that will keep me going.

I dropped the dog I found off at his vet today so I won't have that to keep me occupied today. But Jon and I have an consultation with the vasectomy doctor. I'll be with him all day with out the kids. Kind of sucks we can't go out. I made him promise to take me to a German restaurant when my 3 weeks maintenance is over though. For some reason I'm really craving that though it's something I eat very rarely. My "Waggoner" roots are showing...that's my Papa's last name.

Anyway, I had an early lunch of steak and a tomato, with melba toasts and took six strawberries with me to the doctor. We didn't get home until around 6:30 and I was starving so I made some chicken soup with celery. It wasn't the best, so I'll spare you the recipe. I also made another batch of apple chips. I'm almost there on perfecting them. All in all a pretty good day.....it sure is sweet under the 200 mark.

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