Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 15 - It's all good.

Day 15 HCG
Day 13 VLCD
196.8 lbs
-12.2 lbs

I'm actually not concerned. I didn't loose anything today. I stayed the same. I told Jon yesterday that this wouldn't surprise me. The reason is, over the weekend I was weighing at 6:30, going back to bed, then weighing again when I got up and peed again. Believe me, your body can make a lot of pee in two hours! I'll start showing a consistent loss the rest of the week and probably big losses again on the weekend if I get up late. Or I can just weigh the once and keep consistent.....but I like the big losses! Especially on the weekend.

So I went grocery shopping today. I bought two weeks worth of groceries. the only thing in the buggy for me was Talapia, chicken, scallops, tomatoes, and broccoli. How depressing is that? When I got home around 1, I was starving and grumpy. I cheated. There was cream cheese icing left over in the fridge from the cupcakes the other day. I took a spoon and scraped the edge of the canister and probably accumulated 2 teaspoons of icing and I ate it....slowly...and enjoyed every luscious molecule. I'm going to pay for it. Almost immediately the glands (I guess their glands) started swelling under my tongue. They hurt like crazy! Anyway, I topped it off with the last of the crab bisque.

The afternoon was great, I made two loaves of homemade bread and started baked potato soup for dinner. I sat with the family and drank orange juice since I found out it's a substitute for the orange. Only 8 oz, but enough to keep me from devouring the baked potato soup! I did falter at the end and when I was putting the leftovers up I sipped a bit of the broth. I also had to stand firm when pizza showed up at Boy/Girl scouts. I just kept telling myself "I can have the top of the pizza in 25 days. I can have the top of the pizza in 25 days." I made it!

With my two cheats, not drinking all my water, and crumbling bacon with my hangs (sometimes getting oil on your skin can cause weight gain on HCG!!!), I'm pretty much resigned to a low loss, or possible gain tomorrow. It would suck, but I'll be ok. I'm following through with this until the end.

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