Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 18 - The price to pay...

Day 18 HCG
Day 16 VLCD
193.2 lbs
-15.8 lbs

I woke up FREEZING this morning. I was down another .6 lbs though. I bundled up and started my morning routine. My stomach started growling. I ignored it. I let the dogs out. I noticed I felt weird. I prepared my shot. Boy I was hungry. I went to fill up my litre water jug but someone had put the Brita back into the fridge empty. I went to fill it up and my arms didn't seem to want to work. The thing felt like it weighed a million pounds. My back started hurting like it just couldn't hold me up anymore. I finished my task and got a 10oz bottle of water from the cupboard, took my potassium and chugged it....instant stomach cramps...that was a bad choice. I let the dogs in, fed them, took my shot and with the amount of weakness I felt and the pain in my stomach I decided I better eat something. I poured my glass of OJ and grabbed a Melba toast. Moments later I felt much better. No more nausea and the fatigue was passing. Jon hit the nail on the head when I told him how I felt. He said I had tried to compensate for my cheating by not eating the rest of the good things I could for yesterday. I won't be doing that again. As simple as this diet is, and as easy as it is to loose weight, I still need to remember that this is pretty stressful on my body so I need to not push it further than I have too. Would a cup of OJ ruined me last night? or a Melba toast? Probably not, and my body would not have had to rebel this morning.

I tried something different for lunch. I put frozen broccoli in foil, put the fish on top then sprinkled the whole thing with lemon pepper, lemon juice and two slices of an orange. I sealed it up and cooked it for about 30 minutes. It was light, fresh and filling! I did cheat. While I was making turkey and bean quesadillas for the kids I ate some burnt cheese off the spatula, then I took a tiny bite of charis' because I wanted to see if it really tasted as good as they were saying. It did.

We had lots of leftovers in the fridge so I didn't cook dinner but I was really hungry so I ate the remainder of my Melba toasts for the day and another glass of OJ. Your not supposed to have the same fruit in a day but I did. I heated up pizza for Caedon and he sat in my lap and ate it. I picked at some cheese melted to the plate and ate a pineapple piece too. I'm so bad.

I just couldn't get warm so I took a long, HOT bath. I got too warm. Jon went to see a movie with his friend for his birthday so I went to bed early, dreading weighing in the morning. I cheated too much and ate too much for it to be a good outcome.

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