Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 19 - Striking a balance

Day 19 HCG
Day 17 VLCD
192.0 lbs
-17.0 lbs

Hmmm....down 1.2 lbs!? I guess I'm learning something new. Something I've never considered before. "Just a taste is enough." I've been doing all this cheating but it's only been a taste here and a taste there, not a whole quesadilla, or a bowl of soup, or a piece of pizza. Not that I'm condoning cheating on this diet. But when I'm craving something I'm cooking (which is torture!!), I've been tasting it. I've learned over the last couple of days that tasting it usually relieves the craving!!! Except for the baked potato soup!!! I think this is something I'll take with me through maintenance and forward. If I really want a cookie, I can have a cookie. But one cookie is all I need to stem that craving. If I want pizza, I can have pizza, but one piece will be enough to get me through to the time I can have something better to eat. A cookie, or a piece of pizza, is not the end of the world. A BOX of cookies, or a PILE of pizza is. I don't think I would test this theory on baked potato soup though.

So when I made lunch today, I made steak and broccoli sauteed in Worcestershire sauce. I also made chicken encrusted with grissini sticks and zucchini sauteed in balsamic vinegar, and scallops to put into a tomato basil soup I made earlier. Why? Because I'm traveling this weekend and I wanted to prepare all the meals ahead of time.

I didn't have enough OJ for dinner so I only had a half a cup, and I had two Melba toasts with it. I also quite drinking water around 4 so I wouldn't pee all the way to Dallas (WEE, WEE, WEE all the way home!!! HA!).

I made up two shots and put them, along with the alcohol pads in a Tupperware container padded by paper towels into an ice chest with ice. I also put the two dinners I made, a bag of Melba toasts and my potassium pills in an insulated bag with ice. I made sure my scales were in the suite case too. Boy this is a lot of trouble. But so worth it!!

The trip was ok, except that Jon didn't eat the dinner I made for him so half way there he decided he needed something. He went to McDonald's and ordered a big mac with fries and a coke. AAAGH!! I hate McDonald's, but all I could imagine was sinking my teeth into that velvet soft bun, and the warm pseudo-meat dripping on my tongue and the tang of the"special sauce tantalizing my taste buds. I made it though.

When we got to Rena's I was so thirsty and she had bought me OJ! I had another 1/2 cup to quench my thirst and I headed off to bed.

I'm pretty sure I won't loose anything tomorrow, or even possibly gain. There is no way I peed out all the water I drank. Plus I'm supposed to start on Monday or Tuesday so water weight is expected.

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