Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day Six - Stupid Truffle!

Day 6 HCG
Day 4 VLCD
201.4 lbs.
-7.6 lbs.

Stupid Truffle!!!

Only a 1.4 lb. loss. Actually I don't think that's too bad. 7.6 lbs in 3 days of dieting is nothing to sneeze at. Almost 1 1/2 lbs is enough to keep me going.

I'm not hungry this morning. I'd love to eat. But I'm not hungry. I was hoping I'd be a little nauseated by now, like morning sickness, but I'm not. If I was nauseated than I wouldn't even WANT to eat and have to deal with cravings. I guess this is a little harder than I thought. But way less hard than other diets.

It is a weird feeling in my tummy though. It's almost like I'm about to be hungry then it just fades away. I'm imagining my body needing sustenance and just as it's about to signal me, it releases fat into my blood stream to burn.

I did get hungry at lunch and stir fried chicken and broccoli in soy sauce with a bit of ginger and curry. I got REAL hungry in the after noon and had half an orange. I know I can have a whole Orange but the ones I got are the size of grapefruit.

Jon saved me from an another truffle. I was feeling a little stressed and really, REALLY wanted one. But he took them away from me. I GUESS I'm glad he did.

I've also had pretty much constant diarrhea today. I know you really wanted to hear that. I'm curious if this is normal. I've been told that this diet has a cleansing effect on your system. I wonder if this is what their talking about?

I had a late dinner of the most awesome crab bisque! Then we all made bets on how much I will be down in the morning.

Jon - 1.5
Me - 1
Eythan - 2
Charis - 3

Drum roll please........

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