Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 13 - How much does poo weigh?

Day 13 HCG
Day 11 VLCD
198.4 lbs
-10.6 lbs

I was up before my alarm and went potty and weighed when it went off. It said only 198.8 which was a .2lb loss. Since it was Saturday I went back to bed and dreamed of my breakfast cupcake since I didn't reach my goal. When I got up later I went to the bathroom again and this time I went poo. I realized I haven't been going #2. I weighed again and it said 198.4 which was a .6 lb loss! And this wasn't a lot of poo. I know a bunch of poo when I see it and this wasn't it. So I'm wondering....How much does poo weigh? Apparently it's quite a bit. So here's my worries. Tomorrow I'm going to show a gain because I'm not going. I guess I'm going to have to be ok with that and understand that I'll have big losses when I do go. I'll be consulting with my HCG group about possible was to rectify this situating though. The problem is, I'm no stranger to bowl problems. I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowl Syndrome when I was 18 and I've had it since I was 10. Although I believe the diagnosis to be wrong and my symptoms simply an adverse reaction to preservatives, additives and specifically high fructose corn syrup. I'm not sure there is much to be done about it until I can have a wider variety of food that agrees with my system....namely carbs. The only time I've ever been "normal" is when I cook completely from scratch and eat mainly homemade bread and pasta with little meat and roughage.

Another thing I'm going to try is to eliminate my melba toasts and grissini since I was loosing more consistently when I kept them to a minimum. I'm also going to stop eating earlier in the day. We'll see how this affects my weight loss on a consistent level.

So today I made it with only eating one bowl of crab bisque. I just wasn't hungry. But I was tempted to eat. There were still cupcakes left over and Jon literally wrestled one out of my hand. There is also a bean burrito starring at me right now from across the room giving me a come hither look. Can I last with it stalking me like the Geico money?

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